FitzRoy staff recognised for outstanding care

Published: December 11, 2015

FitzRoy Huw’s registered nursing home in Nottingham was recently inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the results are fantastic!

Sam Humphrey, Deputy Manager at Huw’s, is glowing with pride for the team, who achieved an ˜Outstanding’ rating in CQC’s ˜Caring’ category. He told us all about the new inspection process, which took almost ten hours to complete!

This was the first time that Huw’s had been inspected under the new CQC process. Whilst an unannounced inspection always feels daunting, the process was much more personal and really got to the heart of how staff provide care to the people they are supporting.

CQC now look at five key areas when they are inspecting a service. They look at whether a service is Caring, Effective, Safe, Responsive and Well Led. They then rate each of these as ˜Inadequate’, ˜Requires improvement’, ˜Good’ or ˜Outstanding’.

In the old inspection format, inspectors would come and sit in the office. They now get more involved with the people we support and the staff team. So, in our recent inspection at Huw’s, our inspectors sat in the communal areas to observe the way the staff worked with the people they were supporting.

We also had a visit from an ˜Expert by Experience’. This is a person with a learning disability who uses another service which isn’t provided by FitzRoy. They speak with the people we support as well as our staff and observe the care that is being given. Their comments are all fed back to the lead inspector and become part of the final report.

Our lead inspector told us that they would look for good care, but that it was up to us to point out the areas in which we felt we were outstanding. We had so many examples of outstanding care practice that our inspection took almost ten hours!

We were over the moon when the report came back with a ˜Good’ rating overall (in four out of the five inspection categories) and an ˜Outstanding’ rating in the Caring category, which is brilliant!

Myself and my fellow managers, Judy and Jeremy, are so proud of the work the Huw’s staff team do with the people we support and it’s really nice to know that outside organisations are able to recognise this outstanding work too.

Sam Humphrey, Deputy Manager, FitzRoy Huw’s