Supporting families - FitzRoy

Supporting families

We work closely with the families of people we support and recently introduced the FitzRoy Family Charter, our commitment to family, partners, loved ones or significant people in the lives of the people we support, to help us ensure that we work together to provide the best support possible.

We will put your loved one at the centre of everything we do and get to know them finding out their likes and dislikes, and identifying their goals and aspirations.
We value your knowledge and experiences, to inform our understanding of them and what is important to them.
We review their support plans with you, so you can keep up to date on their progress and care, and have input.

It’s been a year and a half since John moved from his previous accommodation and he goes from strength to strength. His confidence has grown and he lives the life he deserves and can best be achieved. FitzRoy staff are caring, compassionate and aware of John’s needs and eccentricities.
He never seems to be at a loose end or at odds for something to do. He takes an active role in the day to day running of his house and is a well liked member of the group. On behalf of John, Trish, my wife and I commend all the staff at FitzRoy and thank them for their professionalism, dedication and loyalty.
John's brother, Dave