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Assistive technology

Assistive technology is any device that enables someone to live more independently or safely, giving them greater choice and control and supporting them to achieve their goals.

How we use assistive technology

At FitzRoy we use assistive technology to improve and develop the lives of the people we support. We have our own assistive technologist, Carrie, who works directly with the people we support to help increase their independence, choice and control through personalised technology. Assistive technology has the power to open up the world for people with learning disabilities.

What assistive technology do we use?

At FitzRoy we have many different forms of assistive technology, which enable the people we support to be independent in different ways.

We have TV remotes with larger buttons to make changing the channel and volume easier. Cutlery with bigger handles for better grip and control, meaning that the people we support can be more independent when preparing food.

We are also really proud of our sensory equipment that help develop skills such as communication, motor skills and colour recognition

Adam’s story

Assistive technology has had a huge impact on so many people we support. Adam, who we support in Suffolk, has gained even more independence over his morning routine with the help of the Snap Core First App. The app allows Adam to choose what he wants for his breakfast and when he wants it. Support worker Joanna said:

It’s such a huge thing and has given Adam so much independence. He should have the ability to decide for himself, just like how I might wake up hungry some mornings, but other mornings I might not want to eat until lunch.

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