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Partner with Love4Life

By partnering with us, you can make a positive impact on the lives of your clients with learning disabilities and autism.

Refer a Client

Are you a professional working with individuals with learning disabilities and autism? Enhance the lives of your clients by referring them to Love4Life.

Joining Criteria:

Love4Life welcomes individuals with learning disabilities and autism who are seeking opportunities for socialisation, friendship, and personal growth.

Referral Application Process:

Refer your clients to Love4Life by completing our referral form, and our team will contact you within 1–5 days.


Access Love4Life events and resources at various locations in Hampshire, Coventry, South Hampton, and London, or participate online.



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What We Offer

Tailored Events & Workshops: Our tailored events and workshops cater to the unique needs and interests of individuals with learning disabilities and autism.

Personalised Support: From drop-ins to chaperone/date support, we provide personalised assistance to ensure an enjoyable experience for your clients.

Community Initiatives: Engage in our Green Team Scheme and other community initiatives designed to promote inclusivity and social integration.

Monthly Fee: For just £10 a month, our members have access to events, independent living skills workshops, chaperoned dates, and one-to-one support through our drop-in service


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Our Outcomes

Social Inclusion: Facilitate the social inclusion of your clients by connecting them with supportive and welcoming communities.

Enhanced Well-being: Promote the well-being of individuals with learning disabilities and autism through meaningful social interactions and authentic relationships.

Empowerment: Empower your clients to explore new interests, build confidence, and develop valuable life skills.

Online Gaming: Provide a safe space for your clients to connect and make friends through our exclusive online gaming and chat platform.