Free-falling for FitzRoy

Published: July 20, 2018

Grace, a member of FitzRoy’s dating and friendship project Love4Life, had wanted to skydive ever since she saw her Mum do it. When she heard about our fundraising skydive she seized the opportunity to overcome her fears.

Grace tells us why she took up the challenge and what it was like:

“It was fantastic! When I got into the plane I was feeling quite scared and when I jumped out it felt very weird, but once the parachute opened I felt amazing, like I was flying. I’m very proud of myself because I overcame my fears and even though I felt anxious I did not change my mind.

“I wanted to prove I can achieve things and I wanted to fundraise to help Love4Life.  Without Love4Life, adults with learning disabilities could be at home doing nothing, feeling lonely and bored.  Before I attended Love4Life I was shy and not very confident, but when I joined I saw a couple of other people who were just the same as me.

I’m still shy but I don’t let that stop me from going out and meeting new people and doing the things I want to do.  Without Love4Life I wouldn’t have many friends and I wouldn’t have found my lovely boyfriend Matthew. If you keep going you feel more confident to achieve things!€

On the day, her family and boyfriend Matthew were there with homemade banners and lots of cheers.

Her brother Tom was impressed by how unfazed she appeared:

“We couldn’t believe how calm she looked and how easy she made it seem.”

Grace’s mum Karen was also there, watching proudly as her daughter achieved what she had done a few years before.  Not too long-ago Grace only communicated with her close family.  But since joining Love4Life Karen has watched her daughter go from strength to strength, taking on new challenges and developing a taste for adventure.

Karen said: Grace has always inspired her family with her fearless enthusiasm for life. She amazes us all the time.€

A big well done and thank you to Grace from everyone at FitzRoy.

Watch the video to see more of Grace’s adventure.