Getting back to health – Brian’s story

Published: October 26, 2017

Brian, who is supported by FitzRoy in Trafford, loves outdoor activities like walking, gardening, and cycling. However, about four years ago he broke his hip in an accident and his confidence was knocked.

Ramsey Bayati, Deputy Manager at FitzRoy Trafford Day and Community Service, told us how staff helped to encourage Brian back to health.

For a period of time after his fall, Brian was very reluctant to stand up and get his hip moving, which was such an important part of the healing process. The staff teams at Brian’s home and day service were worried that he might not regain the confidence to walk again, especially as he was in his late 60s.

When he did begin to stand and walk, he needed a rollator at all times and wasn’t keen on walking in the community. However gradually, with lots of input and encouragement from his support staff, Brian began to build the confidence to move more freely. He has developed so much since then. Now he can walk the mile or so to the town centre and back with his rollator, and barely uses it at all when he’s indoors in familiar places.

At the fine age of 70, Brian is working at the allotment, cycling laps of a local athletics track and getting out and about on walks. It’s so good to see him on his feet and as active as he used to be.”