Ignore the social care funding crisis at your peril

Published: November 23, 2017
Anna Galliford, FitzRoy Chief Executive, comments on the 2017 autumn statement:

“How loud does the sound of the crisis in social care need to get before the Government acts? Like the proverbial leaking tap, we caution the Government; ignore the warning signs at your peril.

The lack of a solution to social care funding in the autumn budget 2017 was predicted by many but no less worrying. We continue to call on the Government to put in place measures that address the problem of rising costs, falling fees, and unmet needs. Social care is a lifeline for many, at all ages. The erosion of services means the levels of loneliness and isolation amongst people with learning disabilities and autism continues to rise. This blight in our communities can trigger further and entirely avoidable attendant mental and physical health problems.

We urge the policy makers to stop brushing the disquieting sounds of a creaking system under the carpet, and act now to deliver a new settlement for the whole of social care.”