Lego lessons for Cub Scouts

Published: March 4, 2016

Armed with a bag full of Lego, Jim Apted, FitzRoy’s Community and Fundraising Coordinator, led a session with the 1st Petersfield Cub Scouts. Jim chatted to them about disabilities and what ˜learning disability’ means for some people. He also used Lego in a game which showed what communication might be like when you have a learning disability.

It’s important for children to realise that not everybody is the same as them and to understand that we should value people equally who are different. The boys were extremely mature in their outlook. They each took home a Smarties tube to collect loose change in at home which raised a fantastic grand total of £79.27! Thanks to the boys and Akela Carolyn Butcher for inviting me.

Jim Apted, Community and Fundraising Coordinator