Making things possible at FitzRoy Huw’s

Published: October 14, 2016

Rachel, who lives at FitzRoy Huw’s Registered Care, had an invitation to a very special day – her brothers wedding. However, it wasn’t certain whether Rachel could go. That was until Rachel’s key worker, Tina, made it all possible.

“When Rachel’s brother announced his engagement last year we weren’t sure Rachel would be able to attend. However, Tina, Rachel’s key worker at FitzRoy Huw’s gave a lot of input and support to make everything run smoothly. Rachel was included in the run up to the wedding, helping choose colours and dresses for the bridesmaids and attending to fittings as well as wedding meetings at her Mum’s house.

The day went off beautifully. Rachel looked gorgeous in her bridesmaid dress and enjoyed the ceremony as well as the party afterwards. She was the centre of attention and got to meet up with lots of her relatives that she hadn’t seen for many years. They all commented on how well she looked. Rachel stayed at the wedding until the end of the evening when Tina found her nodding off in a chair after her busy day!”

Just Goodchild, Service Manager, FitzRoy Huw’s

Without the right support, Rachel’s day out would not have been possible. Are you or someone you know looking for the right support? Click here to see what services and support FitzRoy can offer.