People with learning disabilities advise FitzRoy

Published: November 13, 2015

An exciting new scheme at FitzRoy sees the people we support at the heart of how we deliver care. Andrew, Tom and Malcolm are training to become FitzRoy Quality Advisors. This new role will see them going to all our services and gathering feedback from the people FitzRoy support.

Led by Iain Speed of All Inclusive training, they are becoming experts at using questionnaires, asking questions and gathering honest opinons. Everyone is committed and excited about their roles, and the day was given a sprinkling of stardust when Andrew from The Maltings spotted Nick Knowles. Andrew, one of Nick’s biggest fans, took the opportunity to remind Nick of the lifeline appeal for FitzRoy some years ago and of course snuck in a quick photo for good measure.

By Kirsty Millward, Quality Manager, FitzRoy