Sam is fighting fit for FitzRoy!

Published: April 1, 2016

Sam Collingham, a FitzRoy Service Manager in Nottinghamshire, is getting ready for the fight of her life! She is taking part in a very unusual event in aid of FitzRoy.

The story starts with me coming across a website that was full of ladies taking up boxing to raise money for charity. I have never boxed in my life, so obviously I thought it would be a good idea to get into it at 38 years old!

Once I’d signed up and told my friends and colleagues I then realised there was no backing out!

I am excited and absolutely petrified but FitzRoy is close to my heart. I work for FitzRoy as a Service Manager and I love my job. This is me giving something back to the people we support and hopefully transform their lives as well as mine!

I have had 8 weeks of intense “Beginners to Winners” boxing training, which has lead up to fight night on the 9th April.

The day of the fight is only a week away now, and I’m still excited and nervous. I’ve now chosen my fight name and the song to come out to!

Go Sam! We’re so proud of you! If you would like to donate, visit Sam’s JustGiving page here:

Or donate £1 by texting ˜OEMH60 £1′ to 70070