Three Christmas Cheers for Support Workers in Norfolk!

Published: December 22, 2017

Staff from FitzRoy’s Bainbridge Close in Norfolk put their heads together to plan a fantastic Christmas party for the people they support. Nina Scaife, Deputy Manager, told us more.

Staff took it upon themselves to organise an amazing Christmas party, which took a lot of hard work and several weeks of planning. It took place in our local community hall which they decorated beautifully. They also booked musicians, organised appropriate games, arranged presents, got dressed up, and generally got right into the whole spirit of it all. This was all on top of their busy jobs supporting people!

We had the pleasure of celebrating with friends from other services and also with past staff members and children of current staff which was a lovely mix.

We sang, played instruments, ate lovingly-prepared food and received presents from Santa, who made a surprise appearance alongside some beautiful Elfettes! The musicians were very inclusive of everybody and adapted songs to each person there to make them meaningful, very jolly and fun.

And then we all stopped still, in awe, listening to Kevin from who is supported by FitzRoy singing ‘Silent Night’ completely solo. It was pure, beautiful and unforgettable.

So, we now settle back down at home and wonder if our Christmas wishes will come true… loud noises, fast cars, stripy pyjamas, chocolate milkshakes, sparkly things, Michael Buble, mistletoe, and mischief. All from our comfy sofas and beanbags.

There was lots of positive feedback from the people we invited from other services about how friendly our staff were. Kevin was apparently talking about it for days afterwards, telling people at The Maltings day service how he’d been given a present from Santa and how he’d sung to everyone! He fell asleep on the way home from the party after being so excited too.

A huge thank you to each member of staff who went the extra mile and made such a wonderful effort for the perfect Christmas party.