“I would recommend volunteering at Love4Life to anyone” - FitzRoy

“I would recommend volunteering at Love4Life to anyone”

Author: FitzRoy
Published: August 16, 2021

After teaching Zumba at Love4Life for more than two years, Hazel decided she wanted to support members further by becoming a Love4Life volunteer. We caught up with Hazel about what she loves about Love4Life and why she thinks it is the most fun volunteering job around.

Hazel said: “I have worked for Love4Life for more than two years, but only recently began volunteering after lockdown restrictions began to ease. I teach Zumba and do a session a week with Love4Life members, over the years I have got to know everyone really well and love the time I get to spend with everyone.

“Over lockdown we moved Zumba to Zoom, which was actually really successful! Everyone loved the sessions and people who might not have joined in usually logged on to check out what was going on.

“Working with Love4Life for so long and knowing what a great project it is made me think ‘what more could I do?’. I saw they were looking for volunteers, and as there are so many events happening across Hampshire it was a flexible enough volunteering role for me to pick and choose the events that were close to where I live.

“My first volunteering session was games night, it was so fun. It was also the first in person session back after restrictions had lifted, and everyone was so excited, it was wonderful. It’s a really social night and is so popular with members, everyone cares more about having fun than the games themselves!

That’s the best thing about volunteering at Love4Life, the events themselves are just pure fun. You feel the sense of satisfaction from giving your time to help such a brilliant project, but you also go and have a great time yourself.

“It’s also really volunteer-led. I get asked all the time what events I think would be fun for members to do and what days I am available, so I have the freedom to be able to choose whether to support friends to go play crazy golf or have a meal out.

“If you’re thinking of volunteering for Love4Life, just do it. It’s the most fun volunteering job around and is completely pressure-free. You get all the training you need, and you can do as little as an hour a month or as many activities as you like, and it’s just the best project to help out with.

“Having supported the members, the most incredible thing for me has been seeing the difference the project makes. I have seen confidence grow, people come out of their shells, new friendships being made. It’s a feeling you wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

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