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Kickstart your summer with the FitzRoy Fun Day

Author: FitzRoy
Published: May 28, 2022

Alice, Alison, Nicola and Tess will be kickstarting their summer by joining our FitzRoy Fun Day next month. On June 25, they will be taking part in a sensory games day to put the fun back into fundraising.

We spoke to support worker Caroline to find out why the fabulous four wanted to get involved!

“Life in lockdown at Stepping Stones – our supported living service in Suffolk – has definitely felt challenging for Alice, Alison, Nicola and Tess. They couldn’t see their families and couldn’t go to the places they enjoy going to as everything was shut. But even during this, staff have been so creative, coming up with lots of ideas to help them stay positive and happy.

“For instance, one day a staff member brought a kayak into their living room and played a video of white water rafting on their TV to recreate their very own boating trip, which everyone loved. After a very tough year, Alice, Alison, Nicola and Tess are very excited to start doing activities again and to start returning to normality, which is why we wanted to get involved with the FitzRoy Fun Day.”

So what are their plans for the FitzRoy Fun Day?

Caroline said: “We have decided to have our very own games night and buffet, using our brand new sensory projector. The projector allows us to play air hockey and board games which really broadens the activities we can do with the people we support. We’re also going to have some food and music, making it into our own little party, and ask friends and family to donate a small amount towards the event. It’s definitely needed after the year everyone has had.

“Alice, Alison, Nicola and Tess all communicate through facial expressions and Makaton, and when we told them about the fun day there were smiles all round, they are very excited.

“Everyone at Stepping Stones is really looking forward to the games night. The money raised will go towards a new gazebo for the outdoor sensory area along with some bunting and solar lights to brighten up the area and make it more vibrant.

FitzRoy is such a fantastic charity and the money we raise will help the people that we support to enjoy their home even more, especially through the summer months where we can enjoy the outdoor space in the warm evenings.

The FitzRoy Fun Day is a chance to shake off lockdown and celebrate the first Friday of summer – why not have your own fun day. We don’t mind what you do – whether it’s a picnic in the park, an afternoon tea or a sponsored head shave, as long as you have fun doing it.

If you want to take part in the FitzRoy Fun Day and help raise money for our amazing frontline heroes to continue transforming lives every single day, click the link below.

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