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Learning Disability Week 2022 celebrates living life with a learning disability

Author: FitzRoy
Published: December 5, 2022

This week (20-26 June) is Learning Disability Week, an annual campaign making sure the world hears what life is like if you have a learning disability.

What’s the theme for 2022?

This year’s theme is Living Life with a Learning Disability.

We want to show how people with a learning disability are reconnecting with friends and their communities now covid restrictions have eased. The theme also encourages people to talk about the issues many people still face after lockdown, like still having to isolate or dealing with poor mental health and anxiety.

Harley and Hayley rekindle friendship after lockdown

Maintaining friendships during lockdown was a challenge people faced across the country, but for Hayley and Harley living in two of our Suffolk supported living services, it was particularly tough.

Having been friends for four years, lockdown had a big impact on them when they couldn’t see each other for 18 months. Sarah, deputy manager of our Suffolk services, supported them on their first trip after restrictions eased.

She said: “For their first trip they decided to go bowling. In some ways it was like starting again with rebuilding those social skills, but in no time it was like they had never been apart.”

Love4Life brings friendship, love and fun to Southampton

Love4Life has been there for members throughout the pandemic with online events, but now restrictions have eased the team are supporting members to socialise with friends face to face again.

Love4Life manager Hayley said: “Some members have definitely struggled more than others, a lot have had to deal with increased anxiety and nervousness at the thought of going out again, but we have been working hard as a team to support them to enjoy activities with their friends again.

“That’s why we’re even more excited that we have expanded into Southampton – giving people with learning disabilities and autism the opportunity to make friends and find love is at the heart of Love4Life.

“The right to a social life is what we stand for, and at Love4Life we help to reduce loneliness and isolation meaning members can thrive.”

How can you get involved with LDWeek22?

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