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Putting the people we support first during lockdown

Author: FitzRoy
Published: May 15, 2020

When it was announced that schools were having to shut due to coronavirus, FitzRoy support worker Adrianne made the difficult decision for her children to live with their father during lockdown so she could continue her vital work.

Adrianne said: “The moment they said they would be closing schools I knew I had to arrange something so I could keep helping the people I support at our Nottingham supported living service.

“I spoke to my children’s father and asked if he could help, I knew I was taking the risk of not seeing my children – Lily, Alex and Kaylem – for a long time but I knew I was needed by the people I support.

“It is hard, but it’s also about the values I have as well. My children are my top priority and I know they are safe with their father, and I have to be there for the people I support at the same time. Any time I am needed at work I am going to be there. It would have been a lot harder if it hadn’t been for my brilliant team and supportive managers.

“I miss my children so much, but I have spent so much time at work and the team that I work with are absolutely brilliant. They are amazing. We have kept each other going and we always check up on each other.

“The support I have received from my deputy manager, Emily Priestley, has been incredible. She makes sure everyone is alright and no matter what, she is there for you. She comes into the service and always makes sure you have everything you need. Emily has played a massive part in helping me through this really challenging time.”

“The whole team have been brilliant in helping the people we support adjust during lockdown, some of our residents would have been going to a day service which has now closed, so we make sure we take them for drives or for walks when we can. Peter in particular loves going on the trampoline to watch cartoons on the tablet, that is now a regular part of his routine which he loves.

“Watching the people we support deal with lockdown has been really hard, not being able to see their parents or loved ones, just like how I’m not being able to see my children. I understand what they are going through and everyone has been going the extra mile to help each other through it. I definitely feel like it has brought all of us, staff and residents, closer together.”

Deputy manager Emily Priestley said: “The team at The Mynd have shown that together, even through the toughest of times, we can achieve anything. They have all worked so incredibly hard and have shown us that even during a national pandemic if we work together we can continue to achieve goals, see the person, be brave and creative. It’s difficult to put into words how proud I am of each and every one of them, thank you will never be enough.

“Adrianne has sacrificed so much to ensure that we are able to provide support for the people we support living at The Mynd. To decide to not see her children for the foreseeable future so that she can provide support, not only to the people we support but to FitzRoy, is something I will never forget. When we speak about staff going above and beyond for the people we support, this is exactly what we mean. She is an inspiration.”

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