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Wayne’s journey: From care to recovery and new beginnings

Author: Nicola Astle
Published: January 26, 2024

After living in Doncaster for 19 years, Wayne moved into an apartment in our supported living service in Nottingham, in February 2023. Now living close to his three sisters, Wayne quickly felt at home, forming strong bonds with the staff and integrating seamlessly, settling into his new routine and newfound freedom.

Wayne and one of his sisters decided to invest in a shared dream – a holiday caravan in Mablethorpe. Sadly, their joy was overshadowed by a severe car accident on their way back to the caravan in September 2023. The incident required an urgent airlift to Hull Hospital, where Wayne faced the gravest challenge in intensive care after suffering a broken neck, 11 broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. 

As soon as I heard Wayne had been rushed to Hull Intensive Care, I immediately made the journey from Nottingham to Hull. Upon arrival, two of Wayne’s sisters were already present, and I was informed that his condition was touch and go. 

Back in Nottingham,  a deep sense of concern enveloped the team. We held a team video call and it was clear how much Wayne had impacted the staff in a remarkably short time, evident in their immediate desire to visit him. Subsequently, the staff filled three cards with heartfelt get-well messages, which I delivered to Hull the following week. When I arrived, I discovered that Wayne had been asking for me, affectionately referring to me as his landlady, a heartening indication that he was still fighting despite his critical condition.

Eventually, Wayne was transferred to Nottingham hospital, allowing for in-person visits and even a group WhatsApp call with the staff team. Wayne’s smile couldn’t have been bigger and it was evident to see how much he wished to return home.

Defying the odds with the support of his family and the dedicated hospital team, Wayne made a miraculous recovery. By December 2023, to the amazement of everyone who knew his story, three months after the accident he returned to the supportive embrace of his family and the FitzRoy team, a return many feared might never happen.

Upon learning of his impending return just before Christmas, the staff and his family eagerly prepared a warm homecoming, adorning the space with welcoming banners and a decorated Christmas tree. Both Wayne’s family and the staff played crucial roles in his recovery, providing unwavering support during appointments and assisting him with physiotherapy exercises and day-to-day tasks upon his return home. 

Last week marked a significant milestone in Wayne’s incredible journey. With a new walking frame, Wayne and I ventured out for a stroll – his first with a walking frame – around his local area, accompanied by my Labrador puppy, Charlie. Wayne, a passionate dog lover, now cherishes these walks and requests to see Charlie daily, finding joy and comfort in the puppy’s lively companionship.

Wayne’s story is not just one of recovery but a testament to the determined human spirit and the profound impact of community support, family love, and the healing presence of pets. With the right support and determination, Wayne has overcome his terrible injuries and shown the impossible is possible.