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A very rare and special hobby

Published: September 11, 2015
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How many people do you know that can make fishing nets by hand?

Angela Kinder was stunned when she met someone at a Supported Living service who’s an expert at exactly that.

Peter, who we support in Norfolk, has an interest in all things maritime. This interest has led him to developing a very rare and special hobby – he handcrafts fishing nets! The skill and dexterity required to make a fishing net is incredible and the precision of his work blew me away. His amazing hobby has been put to good use to decorate the garden area with his intricate, handmade nets.

I was fascinated to learn that Peter had picked up this skill and his maritime interests from time spent with his father watching trawlers when he was younger. That’s why he still loves to spend holidays in places like Whitby so he can watch the fishing trawlers coming in from the sea. It was great to see the enthusiasm Peter has for his nets, I think he could have a small cottage industry in the making!

Angela Kinder, Business Systems Administrator.