Amazing support workers bring the Olympics to FitzRoy - FitzRoy

Amazing support workers bring the Olympics to FitzRoy

Published: April 17, 2020

Our support workers are going above and beyond for the people we support to make sure their routines stay as normal as possible. Last week at our Donec Mews care home in Hampshire, they decided to get creative and have fun when they held an Easter Olympics games day.

Service manager Karen Bond said: “When self isolation restrictions were put in place we bought in loads of activities to make sure the people we support have things to keep them entertained. When everything arrived we realised we could make a full day out of it and hold our own Easter Olympics games!

“It was a brilliant day, everyone got involved and there was something for everyone. We had an egg and spoon race, croquet, obstacle course – it was fun to have something so different and everyone took part regardless of how much support they needed for the activities.

“At the end of the day, Donec Mews resident Sheena had got the most points, so we awarded her a trophy made by one of our support workers. She was really pleased and couldn’t stop smiling! It was just great to see everyone enjoying the sunshine rather than being stuck indoors.

My entire team has been incredible through the whole lockdown. When they are thanked they just respond with ‘I’m just doing my job’, which to me just shows how brilliant they are, and they don’t even realise it. They are amazing people.

“And, because of their positive attitudes and how brilliantly they have just carried on, it has meant the people we support have been staying calm and aren’t worried about coronavirus. They haven’t noticed a big change because our support workers have made every day fun, just like our Olympics event.

“We have been doing video calls between the people we support and their families to make sure they stay in contact through this difficult time, we want to make sure as little changes from their regular routine as possible, and that family can speak to them as much as they want to.

“Our staff are there one thousand per cent for the people we support.”