Annie and Alex are forever a part of FitzRoy - FitzRoy

Annie and Alex are forever a part of FitzRoy

Published: October 25, 2019

Annie and Alex brought their own unique personalities to Linden Cottage, and staff have made sure their names are forever a part of their home with a bench and rose bushes planted in their memory.

Annie lived at Linden Cottage for 10 years and passed away in December last year – and support worker Sue has said how missed she is.

“Annie loved being outdoors in nature and enjoyed colourful plants in our garden. That made her very happy.

Annie will be really missed – being a small home, everyone really bounces off each other, it is really noticeable that she is gone.

Alex had also lived in Linden Cottage for about 10 years and passed away shortly after Annie in February.

Alex was a small petite Greek lady who loved music – she even had a miniature harp in her room. Alex also loved musicals, she would smile and sing along to some of them.

She was very close to her family and was an affectionate person, she would just sit and hold your hand.

Staff put a memorial bench in their garden to remember both Annie and Alex, and in the spring will have two rose bushes planted – an English rose for Annie and a Greek rose for Alex.

I think the bench in our garden is a brilliant way to remember Annie and Alex, to have the memorial to them is the least we can do. Their names are still very much a part of our home.”

Service manager Dean Bowen said: I know staff worked really hard when Annie and Alex were unwell, going to the hospital as much as was needed and keeping in close contact with their families.

It has been a very difficult time for my staff, but they have continued to go above and beyond for our residents. They have really pulled together and helped each other.”