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Celebrating achievements in lockdown

Published: July 17, 2020

Learning sign language, improved walking and new independent living skills were all celebrated this month when FitzRoy’s Oxfordshire supported living service looked back at the achievements of their residents over lockdown.

Claire Carrera, service manager of Nickling Place, said: “When lockdown began we decided to try to increase the range of activities and socialising in the service. We wanted the people we support to try new activities and get them doing different things, not only to keep them entertained during lockdown but also to increase their social skills.

“We have had a lot of fun in lockdown, but the most amazing things is the incredible achievements that have been made during this time. From the beginning we decided to see how much we could achieve with the extra time we have been given by focusing on independent living skills, and my team has just gone above and beyond and the changes we have seen are just amazing.”

“For example, Bex is now dressing herself and is walking a lot further than she has been able to before. She is getting a new walker soon and this just means she can be so much more independent. Justine has been learning sign language with support worker Amy and a speech and language therapist through video calls. She has been doing so well, and it helps her make her needs and wishes known.

We have welcomed a second guinea pig for Luke, and adorable bunnies Ninja and Shadow who are loving living with Bex. Luke has been helping more with his guinea pigs, and Chris has been taking care of his car, cleaning it and making sure it is safe to drive.

“Everyone at the service has been getting involved with the themed parties we have organised, they are great fun, such as pirate themed or a rainbow party. We even held a wedding for Luke’s guinea pigs! We held a celebration on the 100th day of lockdown to celebrate how far everyone has come and what they have achieved, as well as to say thank you to my amazing team. At the party we had food, cake and dancing. Luke was disco king and really got into the groove!

“I’m really proud of the people we support at Nickling Place and of course our incredible staff. It hasn’t always been easy, there have been some really tough days but they have always found a way to go above and beyond. They have brought items in from home for craft sessions, bought ingredients for baking, the husband of one staff member even built a bird table for our residents to paint, it’s just incredible what they have all done.

“They have been enthusiastic every step of the way and have really found a way to turn this challenging situation into a positive, all the while making sure the people we support are safe and protected.”

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