Elaine gets on her bike for the Captain Tom 100 - FitzRoy

Elaine gets on her bike for the Captain Tom 100

Published: April 16, 2021

Captain Tom’s determination and spirit during a time of crisis inspired so many people, and it’s the same determination that we have seen in our staff across FitzRoy over the past year to keep the people we support, and each other, safe. With that ‘never give up’ attitude, we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Captain Tom’s family have launched the Captain Tom 100 to build on his legacy. From Friday 30 April to Monday 2 May, you can do your 100 challenge your way and raise money for FitzRoy.  It can be anything you like – from walking 100 metres to baking 100 cakes or writing 100 letters – you can help us to continue transforming lives.

Complete your own 100 Challenge on 30 April – 3 May to raise money for FitzRoy and build on Captain Tom Moore’s legacy.

Elaine, FitzRoy’s practice development lead, has signed up to the Captain Tom 100, she’ll be getting on her motorbike to complete 100 laps of a race track with her husband Steve.

Elaine said: “I named my motorbike Tom, after both my granddad and Captain Tom. My granddad was a huge influence on me and was a person who held really strong values. Captain Tom was a man of a similar generation to my granddad, with the same positive outlook and determination to never give up.

“At 100 years old he still managed to get up and raise awareness and walk 100 laps round his garden to make an impact. I have never found riding a motorbike easy, but I named my bike after Captain Tom to remind myself of his determination to never give up.

“When I saw this challenge I knew I had to be a part of it, to celebrate Captain Tom and to raise money for FitzRoy.

Working at FitzRoy during the pandemic I have seen bravery and determination in our staff like I have never seen before, every single person who works for our charity deserves recognition.

“It’s been such a difficult year, but that’s why on 3 May I will be racing 100 laps of a race track at Mallory Park with my husband Steve, so FitzRoy can continue making such a huge difference to the lives of the people with learning disabilities and autism.”

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Photography by David Chapman.