Game, set, and match to FitzRoy Waterlooville

Published: July 17, 2015

The feeling of pride and happiness was priceless …

Cakes were made, strawberries picked, tombola prizes collected, and finally we were ready for our Strawberries and Tennis Day in Waterlooville.

For weeks everyone had worked hard creating 3D Wimbledon signs, designing posters, and sending the invitations. The enthusiasm on the day bubbled over as everyone got involved with manning the stalls, selling cakes, strawberries and cream, helping at the games tables, proudly showing people around their building, and fundraising.

We’ve been open for a few months, but now we feel we’ve properly joined the local community and shown them our service, which we’re so proud of. The community know we are here and are really supportive of who we are and what we do. We raised £365 on the day, but the feeling of pride and happiness was priceless. Louise Clarke, Service Manager FitzRoy Waterlooville