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Gary turns his life around

Published: December 3, 2021

Pelham Road is our supported living service in Kent, where six men are supported to live independently. Gary has experienced a lot of challenges over the last 18 months, but at last, signs of easier and happier times are shining through.

Before moving into Pelham Road, Gary lived with his fiancée Christine. He was struggling however, which caused problems for their relationship and so eventually he moved into Pelham Road where he could get more support to manage his day to day living. His health problems deteriorated and he became housebound. The team at Pelham Road supported him throughout, including when he had his much needed cataract operations that he was very stressed about. They also encouraged him to improve his personal care and helped him to enhance his mobility with exercises. With his mobility improved, Gary started going out and visiting places that he had not been to in years, and he has been able to go on holiday.

After hearing about Gary’s progress, Christine got in touch and started to visit him frequently, and Gary would stay with her at weekends. Christine has been amazing, helping Gary put his slippers on in the morning and cooking him his favourite breakfast. The staff at Pelham Road continued to support and assist Gary at the weekends when he would stay with Christine, unfortunately lockdown halted their meetings for a while. Gary said:

I really missed her when I wasn’t with her.

However, as the lockdown restrictions eased, Gary was able to go back and stay with Christine at weekends again. They both enjoy taking turns to make tea and play records, and because his health and mobility have improved so much, he is now able to pursue his love of music by going to shows. The couple are looking forward to spending this Christmas together and sitting on their balcony and watching the festive fireworks.

It has been brilliant to see how Gary has progressed, and we have enjoyed supporting him to reach his goals. He has worked hard and turned his life around. This is how we support all the men at Pelham Road, we work with them to identify their goals and then we put a plan in place to help them reach them. It is a pleasure to see how happy Gary is now.
Support worker Liz