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Going for gold

Published: July 28, 2016

People with disabilities reach their goals! Maria Fallis and Tania Stratton, FitzRoy Support Workers, tell us how:

The people we support, who graduated with Asdan qualifications in sports skills this week, have proved to themselves they can go for gold. Before signing up for this course many were understandably nervous. Over time we watched them face their fears, work extremely hard, and gain new-found confidence and skills from the course. It was wonderful seeing them achieve so much more than they first thought possible.

They became passionate about new sports as they tried out badminton, golf, darts, and practicing their hand eye coordination. They experimented with the different equipment in the gym, got competitive lifting weights, and loved watching national sporting competitions. It wasn’t just sporting skills that developed. Their handwriting also improved as they got used to writing about the course.

Asdan courses are a great way for people with disabilities prove to themselves how much they can achieve. We are so impressed that we’ve got three trained moderators at FitzRoy On Track and we’re planning to offer many more Asdan courses.

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