Healthy happenings in Norfolk for FitzRoy health challenge - FitzRoy

Healthy happenings in Norfolk for FitzRoy health challenge

Published: November 17, 2017

At FitzRoy we believe that everyone who uses our services should have access to tailored health support.

Every year we run a health week to encourage staff and the people we support to take a healthy challenge. Kerensa Palmer, Deputy Manager of our day and community centre in Norfolk, told us how everyone there got involved.

We have been promoting healthy options in our lunch menu at the Maltings Day and Community Centre for FitzRoy health week. All of the meals on offer have cut out fats and oils and were mostly Slimming World recipes. We had a very healthy Sheppard’s pie and a yummy Slimming World fruity chicken curry. All of the meals went down really well with the people we support.

Two of our members, Tom and Andrew, are now on healthy eating diets. Tom has an agreement at home with his parents and has also spoken to staff at The Maltings to advise him on healthy options with meals, drinks, and snacks to help him achieve his goal. Andrew has actually set up a written agreement with his home support and The Maltings staff to help him with do the same as Tom.

Overall, FitzRoy health week has been a huge success for us. The members have really enjoyed the menu this week. Tom and Andrew have done so well with their healthy agreements and I believe the week has really enhanced their understanding of healthy eating and helped everyone see that that food doesn’t have to be boring to be healthy!”

It is very important for me to keep an eye on my weight because I have Down’s syndrome and I am aware of some of the health issues we can have. I love the staff at the Maltings they try their best to support me but I do try to sneak in a bottle of fizzy drink if I can!

Tom, Member of The Maltings

I have to watch my cholesterol and I am happy that all my support staff even at home will help me to be independent and choose the better option for me.

Andrew, Member of The Maltings