“I can’t wait to be able to go on holiday again!” - FitzRoy

“I can’t wait to be able to go on holiday again!”

Published: July 23, 2022

Angela lives in Newark and recently had her second covid vaccine. We caught up with Angela to find out about her lockdown experience and what she is looking forward to most now she has had her vaccine.

Angela said: “Lockdown was very depressing. I was in a flat I didn’t like living in, but I was meant to be moving to my new bungalow. The move got delayed because of the pandemic. It felt like I was having to wait a long time, but finally I got to move in July 2020. FitzRoy support workers Jo and Kate helped me lots with moving and now I love it, my new place is absolutely amazing.

“I love to sit with my window open in the evening, and enjoy a glass of wine while I watch my favourite TV programme. I have my own front and back garden too, my front garden is being redone soon. I love not having to use loads of stairs now like I did with my flat.

“After my cat died last year I felt really down, so Jo helped me get my budgie Boris. I felt like he was getting a bit lonely, so I got another one – Bertie! They have really helped me with this year with lockdown and have made my house feel like a home. It’s nice to have something to look after.

“Now lockdown is easing, I love being able to go shopping again. Jo and Kate helped me to pick out some new clothes for summer.

Jo and Kate are amazing – I keep saying it but it is true. They have helped me with a budget plan and now I have money to be able to get my hair and nails done, and they have helped me with a healthy eating plan too.

Angela recently had her second covid vaccine. Speaking about the experience, she said: “When I got my vaccine I was a bit nervous, but I really shouldn’t have been. I thought I was going to feel bad afterwards, but all I felt was a dead arm and a bit tired. The next day I was fine. It was nothing bad at all, and definitely nothing to be worry about. Now that I have had my vaccine I can’t wait until I can be able to go on holiday again, maybe next year. I would love to go to Fuerteventura with Jo and Kate, I want a cocktail!”

Support worker Jo works for our Nottinghamshire support at home service. They support people with learning disabilities or who have mental health problems to live in their own homes. Jo said: “I am so proud of how Angela has coped through lockdown, and now she’s so happy with being able to do what she loves again and is enjoying her home still so much one year on.

“Working in care at a support at home service is so different to what people think it might be – no two days are the same. I support people like Angela to go shopping, but on other days I could be taking someone swimming or to the gym. I help the people we support do what they love, and I feel so much job satisfaction knowing I have helped someone that day.”