I have a huge feeling of job satisfaction - FitzRoy

I have a huge feeling of job satisfaction

Published: March 23, 2018

Service Manager of FitzRoy Trafford Day and Community Service, Chris Hughes, started her journey with us as a Support Worker over ten years ago. Chris shared what she loves about her job.

FitzRoy Trafford is an established day and community service that supports around 50 people. Our mission is for people to have the opportunity to do things they enjoy and be a part of their community with the support they need. It’s also a place where bonds and friendships have the chance to flourish.

What really gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that we are making a difference to people’s lives. Instead of being isolated and lonely at home, people get to come here and do something worthwhile with friends around them. I genuinely enjoy what I do and have a huge feeling of job satisfaction when I see people we support reach their goals. There is also an amazing sense that we are one big team here with the people we support, their families, our staff, and our volunteers.

The staff really believe in the ethos of FitzRoy. They help the people we support achieve the things that are important to them, which sometimes means thinking outside the box and being creative to help make something happen. They are also great at advocating for people. For instance, if someone’s needs have changed they highlight that and help to get them reassessed so they receive the right support. They just go above and beyond which makes me proud.

To me, ‘See the Person’ is about seeing beyond a disability and treating everyone as equals. It’s about getting the best out of people while doing the best thing for them.”

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