“I volunteer because I want to use my life skills to give back”

Published: June 6, 2017

FitzRoy Leo Trust in Kent is a registered care home which has its very own horticulture project on site. The project takes lots of hard work and dedication from residents, staff, and volunteers.

Ian, a volunteer at FitzRoy Leo Trust’s horticulture project, really makes a difference.

Ian is such an asset to the project. He spends his time teaching the residents all about the plants and veg they are growing. He also points out weeds and tells everyone what they are called and how they affect the plants.

Ian often accompanies people we support on walks through the fields, stopping to talk about plants and fungi and animals. He is brilliant at sharing his knowledge and encouraging life skills.”

Justine May, Service Manager

I volunteer because I want to use my life skills to give something back and be a useful member of society. We all need a purpose and a desire to continue to achieve.”

Ian, FitzRoy Volunteer

To thank Ian, the residents at FitzRoy Leo Trust spent some time thinking about their favourite things about his personality. They came up with the following, which spells out volunteer!

Verve, Organised, Loyal, Understanding, Nurturing, Trustworthy, Energy, Empathy, Resourceful

Do you have a little bit of time to spare to help us transform the lives of people with learning disabilities? Find out more about volunteering with FitzRoy here.