It’s time to realise just how amazing support staff are’

Published: September 18, 2015
Lisa Rodgers, who’s been working for FitzRoy for ten years, shares her admiration for our dedicated FitzRoy Service Managers.

Every time I visit Managers I’m blown away. My visit to Nottingham and Newark was no exception.

Not everyone knows how challenging being a Service Manager is, and we need to realise just how amazing Support staff are. It involves juggling the needs of your team alongside those of the people we support¦.not to mention, the legislative requirements and the odd visit from CQC! To add to all this, Nottingham are also dealing with daily referrals for support from the local authority. The pressure must be overwhelming at times.

When I arrived, I was met by a dedicated team who feel the best way to meet their never-ending list of challenges is to make sure they have the right people, with the right values.

As Kimberley Cockram, Nottingham North Manager said We want staff who are FitzRoy’d¦who have the right values. At FitzRoy, our staff do more than just care, we transform lives!

We are proud of our staff and the values we share as a company. We are always looking for more people to join our brilliant teams.

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Lisa Rodgers, HR Advisor.