Learning new skills

Published: April 21, 2017

Charlie, who is supported by FitzRoy in Nottinghamshire, wanted to learn a new skill. Gemma Gill, Rota Co-Ordinator, told us how a little bit time and dedication from Charlie’s Support Worker went a long way.

Charlie was really keen to learn how to crochet, so she bought her own set of needles. Her Support Worker, Cheryl, spent lots of time getting Charlie started and wrote out instructions so she could continue to crochet whenever she fancied it.

Since starting from scratch, Charlie has made a huge amount of progress and is now able to make her own beautiful blankets for family and friends. Charlie and Cheryl have also started a project together. They both crochet individual squares then piece them together to make a big patchwork blanket. The results are wonderful, and show just how much a little practice and teamwork can achieve. Well done Charlie!

Learning new skills is important to many of the people we support. This could even be something simple, like being able to make a cup of tea. Click here to read Steven’s story, who, after receiving active support from FitzRoy, achieved just that.