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Love your health at FitzRoy

Published: November 8, 2017

FitzRoy staff support everyone to live an active and healthy life, and this includes accessing all the support available. Kirsty Millward, FitzRoy Quality Manager encourages everyone.

Many people with a learning disability don’t know they can get extra support when visiting their doctor simply by ensuring that their GP has registered them onto their Learning Disability Register. We at FitzRoy, want more people to know about the important benefits this can bring about. To date, research shows that only 1 in 5 people with a learning disability are registered on their GP’s learning disability register. This is a vital service and provides access to extra support to manage conditions, and live as healthy a life as possible. All you need to do is remind your GP that your name needs adding to their Learning Disability Register.Â

An annual health check can help to identify additional support and resources people may need and as a result can positively challenge health inequalities that often exist for people with learning disabilities. We want everyone to maximise their opportunities to achieving optimum health and this may mean supporting someone to ask their GP for an Annual Health Check, make the best use of Health Action Plans and ensure that health remains a priority as they age.

Active ageing, a way to optimise health as people age, allows people to realise their potential for physical, social and mental wellbeing throughout life, enabling people to be active participants of their society, whilst providing them with adequate protection, security and support when needed.

At FitzRoy, we support people to live an active healthy life to promote active ageing. We are encouraging people to access all the support and information they need to maximise their health, including positively challenging health inequalities when they arise.  We support people to access Annual Health Checks and make the best use of Health Action Plans.

If you think someone is not getting all the information and support they need – support them to speak up and get it.

Kirsty Millward