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Love4Life is coming to Coventry

Published: May 19, 2023

Love4Life is coming to Coventry to offer even more people a space to have fun, learn new life skills and build friendships.

Love4Life – our friendship and dating network for people with learning disabilities and autism – has hundreds of members across Hampshire and  London – and we’re excited to announce a new Love4Life hub is opening in Coventry next month.

You can apply to be a member here

Love4Life runs social events each month and members get involved in everything from bowling trips out with friends to being chaperoned on a first date. Our Love4Life coordinators also hold workshops where members can learn life skills such as sex education, money management, travel and more.

Hayley, Love4Life’s general manager, said: “We are beyond excited to be launching such a successful network in Coventry. Love4Life makes such a huge impact to people’s lives and this new hub has the potential to give people an opportunity to do things they have always wanted to do but never been able to.

“For a lot of our members, Love4Life is a lifeline. Love4Life is a place for our members to shout out, be seen and be heard. We provide people with a safe space to make friends and build relationships without fear of judgement.”

Long-time Love4Life member Hollie is also a trustee of Love4Life. She said: “Love4Life is my support network, lots of people don’t have one, but I do and I am forever grateful for it. I have got a group of friends that I met through Love4Life, and we see each other outside of Love4Life, we go to each others houses – I enjoy being with genuine friends.”

Hayley said: “Jenna is our new Love4Life coordinator for Coventry and she can’t wait to get started. We’re currently looking for people living in the Coventry area who want to be a part of this new network. You can fill in the application form here and we will keep you updated with when our events are starting. We can’t wait to welcome you!”

Find out more about Love4Life. If you have any questions, you can also email