Love4Life members create mural with help from Portsmouth street artist - FitzRoy

Love4Life members create mural with help from Portsmouth street artist

Published: March 13, 2020

Love4Life members got creative when they teamed up with Portsmouth street artist Fark to paint a mural that celebrates the friendship and dating project.

On Monday, 9 March, graffiti artist Fark joined Love4Life members to spray paint a large mural, drawing together all the members’ ideas of what Love4Life means to them.

Love4Life is a friendship and dating project for adults with learning disabilities and autism. Members can take part in activities, go on chaperoned dates, and make new friends in a safe environment.

Love4Life coordinator, Hayley Ostler, said: “Monday was an exciting and unique experience for Love4Life members. Given the opportunity to work with a very talented street artist, Fark, Love4Life members were able to make their verbal vision of Love4Life come to life in colour and words by spray painting!

The mural is absolutely amazing because we have contributions from everyone. We are so happy with the finished piece, it really encompasses everything Love4Life stands for.

Members took part in the painting from 11am until 9pm, working on getting their masterpiece finished.

Ian, who is a member of Love4Life, said: “Lots of people have had their say on what the mural should look like.

“We got to put everyone’s ideas together and it looks really good – I’m glad all the guys have been able to get involved. We do so much as a group and that’s what makes Love4Life so great.”

Member David added: “The mural looks really nice – everyone has done a very good job.”

Street artist Fark has been painting on the streets of Portsmouth for 15 years, and was inspired after meeting the members of Love4Life.

He said: “They’re such a cool bunch of guys. It’s so important to have a project like this, these guys don’t necessarily have the same opportunities to find love and make friends, but this group makes it possible.

“It’s just such a lovely environment here, I’ve loved working with everyone today and everyone is happy with the finished piece.”

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