Owl visit was a real hoot! - FitzRoy

Owl visit was a real hoot!

Published: September 14, 2018

The people we support at Webb House benefit from the wonderful therapeutic effects of regular visits from all types of animals.

Last week they enjoyed a special afternoon with owls at their residential home in Newhaven.

Former Webb House chef Darren, and his mum Pam, breed owls and often exhibit them for charity. When they kindly offered to bring their feathered friends in, the residents at Webb House were delighted to meet them.

Darren gave a talk about each breed of owl they brought in, and discussed their habitats, hunting techniques and choice of prey. Everyone was very inquisitive and asked lots of questions.

Maxine, who lives at Webb House, said:
I love having animals come to the house. They make me smile and I loved stroking the owl’s soft feathers.”

Maxine petting a little owl called Magic.

Webb House also enjoy monthly visits from other animals thanks to local organisation Pet Pals Therapy. So far, they’ve met lambs, chicks, kittens and a horse. The therapeutic effect of the sessions is fantastic, it encourages socialisation, improves mood and leaves residents with a greater sense of wellbeing. Many of the people we support at Webb House have physical disabilities so the sessions are an ideal activity to get involved in.

Denise Wareing, Manager at Webb House, said:

As well as being very entertaining, these sessions really bring the residents out of themselves. They absolutely love holding and stroking the animals. Their faces light up every time they take part in these activities – it’s so lovely to see.”