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Rural Skills get creative

Published: October 20, 2016

Autumn is with us which only means one thing to the staff and the people we support at Rural Skills: Christmas. Each year everyone at Rural Skills creates lots of beautiful handmade Christmas decorations to sell at a Christmas market in December. This year, like every other, it’s all hands on deck!

Lou explains. â€œThis week has been the start of all things festive at FitzRoy Rural Skills. We have been out in the woods collecting moss and other things to make Christmas decorations. Nicola has made a start on our fresh wreaths, and everyone has been sawing and chopping in their woodwork sessions to make the famous Rural Skills Reindeer.

As the festive planning has begun early, everyone is getting excited early too. However we have had a vote and decided it’s too soon for singing Christmas carols – sorry Colin!”

The wreaths, reindeer and lots more will be on sale at our Christmas stall on Friday 2nd Dec, in Petersfield, Hampshire.