Sea safari for FitzRoy residents in Kent - FitzRoy

Sea safari for FitzRoy residents in Kent

Published: June 14, 2018

George and Ian, residents at FitzRoy The Croft in Kent, dreamed of cruising the sea in a speedboat so their Support Worker, Niki Ross, made sure their dream could come true.

Niki researched and booked the trip well in advance with a company called Dover Sea Safari. The company have a boat called Wetwheels which is a special wheelchair accessible boat designed to be enjoyed by people with a range of abilities. The experience promises to challenge self-perceptions and extend horizons and it certainly delivered.

On the day they were also joined by Jonathon and Oliver from a nearby FitzRoy residential care home, Boldshaves Oast. The whole group were incredibly excited about spending an hour on the ocean.

Justine May, Service Manager at The Croft, said:

Both George and Ian love the water and they are regular swimmers. George loves nature and Ian loves the outdoors, so a speedboat experience was something they were dying to try.

Dover Safari were really accommodating, understanding, and patient which made the experience wonderful for everyone.

Over the hour George, Ian, Oliver, and Jonathon got to have a go at driving the boat, much to their delight. The day was a huge success and everyone loved the whole experience, so much so that they are all planning their next day out on the ocean together on a seal safari. Well done and thank you to Niki for making their dreams come true!”