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The Maltings’ big carnival extravaganza

Published: September 27, 2019

Members of The Maltings enjoyed an old school sports day, a 60s-themed festival party and a big carnival extravaganza as part of their jam-packed activity week.

Service manager of the day service in Fakenham, Kerensa Palmer, told us why this year staff decided to do something different to their traditional summer trips.

We used to do summer trips which our members could sign up to, but some members would do one or two trips and others would miss out entirely. This year, we decided to do a week of activities so that all our members could get involved.

The week began with a games day at the park, followed by a 60s festival day and an old-school sports day.

On Thursday we had a big carnival day in our sensory garden – this has to be the stand-out day for everyone. We had a whole range of stalls, face painting, a great big bbq, and loads of people from the town came to see what was going on. We had hired a hall and it was completely packed – the day was such a success we raised over £600!

Because of that money raised, we are now able to do up our coffee shop and turn it into an American diner – everyone is very excited for it to be finished, it already looks amazing.

On Friday we had a party to finish off the week, where we crowned our carnival king and queen. Ben won carnival king because he worked hard every day helping us clean up, and Danielle won carnival queen because every time we did fancy dress, she turned up looking amazing.”

The whole week was a really great success, everyone got involved with everything. Even people we thought might shy away from the activities really threw themselves into the week and had fun. It was a great week for our members to socialise and take part in so many different activities they may not have done before – everybody loved it.

The staff pulled together and worked so hard to make the week as successful as it was, and I am so proud of them – this is the best week The Maltings has ever had! We will definitely be making the activity week an annual summer event.”