Trevor takes on a marathon in three weeks - FitzRoy

Trevor takes on a marathon in three weeks

Published: April 1, 2021

Trevor loves challenging himself and fundraising, so after a long winter he decided to put on his walking shoes and get outside to complete a marathon in three weeks. After completing more than 18 miles, Trevor has only one leg of his marathon left to go, and has raised more than double his original fundraising target!

Trevor has lived at a FitzRoy supported living house in Kent since 2009. Trevor said: “I wanted to do something like this for a long time, I really like raising money. It’s good to have got out and about and seen some people. I feel very proud of myself for raising money and getting lots of exercise.”

Senior support worker Rosie, who has been going on the walks with Trevor, said: “Trevor has done lots of fundraising in the past for lots of different charities. He really enjoys pottery and has sold that before to raise money, but recently he hasn’t been able to go to his pottery classes.

“He decided he wanted to raise money for FitzRoy, we are currently giving his living area a makeover so it’s a really homely and comfy space for everyone, and Trevor wants to use the money he’s raised from his marathon to buy some new furniture.

“Trevor’s challenge has encouraged us to get outside a bit more and benefit from the exercise. So far Trevor has raised £225 and has walked more than 18 miles!

On his walks he’s been to visit a friend of his for a chat from her balcony and some of his favourite local places. He also managed to push through his fear of stairs to take a walk by the river.

Trevor said: “I have really enjoyed my walking challenge but I miss going out and I wonder when it will be over. I can’t wait to go back to drama classes, pottery club, and sometimes cooking classes.”

Rosie continued: “It’s been really hard for Trevor during the pandemic because he is very sociable and would go to lots of different classes and activities. However, we have been very lucky in that we have a very creative team at Pelham Road, so we have managed to adapt and fill the void of the day services during lockdown. For instance, Trevor wanted to set up a film club so each week all our residents sit down to enjoy a new film which is really fun.

“Having all the extra time has actually been really useful in being able to do all the creative things we only ever thought of doing before. During lockdown we’ve had race nights, bingo, karaoke and lots of arts and craft activities. At Christmas we spent an afternoon making a short music video which everybody really enjoyed.

“Now the weather is getting a little warmer we’ve been able to utilise our lovely outdoor space and we have a thriving herb garden which we are hoping to extend.

“The challenge has been really positive for Trevor, and his housemates are really proud of him. Trevor has really enjoyed chatting to me about his life and his plans for after lockdown.”

You Can Support Trevor’s Marathon Here.