An unexpected encounter in Uckfield

Published: July 1, 2016

Niels, who we support in Uckfield, came across something you wouldn’t expect when you pop out for your weekly shop. Mark Coleman, FitzRoy Uckfield Deputy Manager, told us how am ordinary shopping trip turned into something extraordinary.

On his way to do the shopping, Niels decided he fancied going to the beach for an ice-cream and a can of coke. He walked along the promenade with his Support Worker eating ice cream and chatting, when suddenly he saw a man walking a pet parrot!

Niels said hi and the man stopped to chat. He was kind enough to let him have a hold and a stroke of the parrot. Niels decided to name the parrot Bob.

When Niels got home he wanted to show everyone pictures of Bob the parrot so they could meet him too. What a fantastic addition to a normal trip to the shops! Niels was absolutely thrilled.

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