Volunteering: “I enjoy it more than I ever could have anticipated!”

Published: June 7, 2017

FitzRoy Trafford Day and Community Centre is a hub of activity that offers a wide range of sessions for people with learning disabilities.

A team of dedicated volunteers help run sessions including art, gardening, cookery, computing, music, and much more. Without their volunteers, many of the sessions would not be possible.

Kate, FitzRoy Trafford volunteer, told us what she loves most about facilitating an art session.

I chose to volunteer with FitzRoy to gain work experience relevant to my studies, and to the field I hope to work in. I planned to stay for around six months or so, then volunteer somewhere else to gain a range of different experiences. However, several years later I’m still here; partially because I’m still learning new things, but mostly because I enjoy it more than I ever could have anticipated!

I love the caring and supportive atmosphere at FitzRoy Trafford. The staff are dedicated not only to people’s care needs, but also to enabling fulfilling and life-enriching experiences. I admire the way that the staff team balances the provision of a safe and stable environment while also making space for a little silliness, fun, and creativity!”

Kate, Trafford Day and Community Volunteer