Volunteering: Wednesdays will always be a special day in the Support at Home office

Published: June 8, 2016

Carol Ryan takes volunteering to new heights. She volunteers to support Bill who has learning disabilities, so he can in turn volunteer in a FitzRoy office! Ginny Margison, Support at Home Manager says she doesn’t know what they’d do without her!

It was getting harder and harder to oversee Bill within a very busy office. We get lots of phone calls which we need to private and confidential. We really needed someone to support Bill throughout the day and help him maintain the skills that he had learnt. That’s when Carol came to offer her services. She had lots of experience working with special needs children within a school environment and had some time on her hands.

Carol has built up such a wonderful rapport with Bill, and they can often be heard laughing and giggling over something that they’ve shared together.

Bill loves his Wednesdays as a volunteer. Together, Bill and Carol label envelopes, sort any post that needs to go out, work on computer skills, check all Norwich City football results, and Bill even has a manicure by Carol at the end of the day!

Wednesdays will always be a special day in the FitzRoy Support at Home office.

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