We noticed things were changing

Published: May 22, 2015

Blog by Maria Baker, FitzRoy Service Manager

We welcomed Martin into Bainbridge Close, a FitzRoy Supported Living bungalow in North Walsham Norfolk, on Easter Sunday. After a successful settling in period, we started noticing that things were changing; in subtle ways Martin was having quite a big impact on the other residents.

One of the residents who lives in the bungalow, has autism. She moves around the bungalow on her bottom deciding where she wants to be. Most of the time she chooses to sit on her bed listening to music, quite happily watching the world go by. Not anymore.

Since Martin has moved in she spends much more time in the lounge with him, sometimes taking his socks off â which he enjoys. She has also taken to sitting outside his room waiting for him to come out. The other resident also likes her own space, and usually chooses to eat in her own room. However on several occasions all three of them have enjoyed eating together in the dining room, a previously unheard of scenario!

We are all delighted that things have worked out so well with Martin’s transition and the social worker commented that she wished all services were like us, as Annie, the Operations Manager, and I had spent much time organising and planning a smooth transition. Martin’s elderly dad, whom he lived with before told us how happy he is