What’s a microbiologist doing at FitzRoy Trafford?

Published: May 31, 2016

Sue is one of our fantastic volunteer’s at FitzRoy Trafford Day and Community Centre who leads a cookery class once a week for three and a half hours for the people we support. Here’s her story.

I worked in NHS in pathology laboratories as a microbiologist for over 40 years and managed a lab for the last few years, before I retired last year. I also lectured at Manchester Met Uni. I was looking for somewhere that I could use my skills, both from work and home. I love cooking and baking as I have two sons and enjoyed cooking with them. FitzRoy was looking for volunteers for sessions and they were very welcoming.

I work in the well-adapted new kitchen at Trafford Day and Community Services and help people to weigh out, peel, chop, prepare and make, bake or cook our chosen recipe. I work with one of the members of the Fitzroy staff “we have a very relaxed afternoon and (usually!) help people to make something tasty.

The things I enjoy most about it are being with the people we support and the staff, working as a team, and using everyone’s specific skills to make great food. I’ve enjoyed meeting people, understanding their abilities and finding out what they like to do and what they are good at. I’ve found that learning when and how to ask a person to do or try something is an important part of the role.

If I had any advice for someone thinking about volunteering it would be to give it a go -it’s fun, rewarding, relaxing, and you learn something new every time. FitzRoy Trafford is a great place to volunteer, you get to know people quickly and everyone is friendly and welcoming. The centre is a bright hub of activity!