Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living …

Published: September 13, 2017

Colin, a star of a FitzRoy video, has worked at his local McDonalds for 15 years, and loves every minute of it.

“My job is great, it is fun being part of a team and making new friends with the staff. We do a lot of training on things like health and safety, food and hygiene, and customer care. Each time I receive a certificate, and I recently received a letter and a cash gift for long service. I felt very happy and bought a new sofa with the money. I am proud of my job, and I’ve never been late.”

Summer Rose, looks forward to her shifts with Colin.

“He’s great to work with, he loves interacting with everyone, and he’s brilliant with the children, giving out party things. He’s always smiling and helpful, and will happily stay on for extra hours if needed. It is great that McDonalds see beyond his disability and realise how much he can contribute to the team here. He’s always willing, and very hardworking so the managers love him.”

Maureen has worked with Colin for 40 years supporting him and seeing him grow and develop as he’s gained more and more independence.

“It is great Colin has a job. It is something he does for himself, and it his achievement, away from the people who support him. He is very proud of his work. It really gives him independence and has increased his self-esteem. He is very reliable, takes great care of his uniform, always turns up on time, and takes it extremely seriously, McDonalds are lucky to have him. To me it is very important that we See the Person, as it means people with disabilities are more likely to have opportunities to choose their life and live as independently as possible.”