Happy 75th birthday to our NHS! - FitzRoy

Happy 75th birthday to our NHS!

Author: Anna Galliford
Published: July 4, 2023

We can’t imagine life without the NHS, so today we’re part of a Care and Support Alliance campaign, asking every political leader to recognise that without a social care system that helps people stay healthy and independent for as long as possible, the NHS will continue to face growing pressure – increasing waiting lists, delayed discharge, and overwhelmed staff. Social care urgently needs proper funding and reform.

Until the government properly recognises social care staff as key workers and addresses the issue of how you fund social care, it will never come up with a sustainable funding solution that enables us to recruit, reward and retain highly trained and committed staff at the level they deserve.

“We are constantly expected to do more with less – or for free. As community health support is cut, the people we support are reliant on our staff for more and more of their day to day needs. Our support workers have extraordinary expertise. And they care.

We are doing our very best to work with local authorities and deliver excellent care, we do not want to see yet another missed opportunity to invest in social care.”