Supporting our staff with their mental health - FitzRoy

Supporting our staff with their mental health

Author: Teresa and Gill
Published: October 10, 2023

Working in social care means we are experts at supporting other people –  around their mental health, their anxiety and building their confidence – but it is also important that we look out for ourselves and each other. That’s why our network of trained mental health first aiders and champions across FitzRoy make such a difference.

Gill, FitzRoy’s Head of HR said: “Things such as stress or bereavement can impact our mental health and can mean we struggle at work and don’t feel able to cope with everyday life. Depression and anxiety can mean we have some bad days, but there are things we can do to improve our mental wellbeing and  FitzRoy can help with mental health at work by providing advice, information and support. Staff can contact their mental health first aider, or there are lots of resources on our intranet. We take our staff’s mental health seriously. Mental health and well being champions enable us to foster a more supportive and understanding environment at FitzRoy, ensuring people feel able to ask for help when they need it.”

Support worker and FitzRoy mental health and wellbeing champion Teresa agrees. “All my co-workers know that I am available throughout the day if they need to talk to me. This will remain confidential and also I can give them advice on where to go to seek further information or support. We work in a complex needs service where the people we support struggle with their mental health on a daily basis, so we are all about supporting people with their mental health.”

Service manager Nicola said: “Teresa’s job is creating a safe and inclusive environment for the people we support in their mental health journey, ensuring they feel comfortable sharing their experiences and seeking support. The mental health first aider training so she could support her colleagues was just an extension of that.”

 The training was rewarding – it does open your eyes a lot more, you think you know enough but you don’t not until you do the training, its brilliant.-- Teresa Mee, Mental Health Champion