A birthday skydive for FitzRoy - FitzRoy

A birthday skydive for FitzRoy

Published: May 22, 2015

By Amon, FitzRoy fundraiser
I’ve wanted to fundraise for Silver Birches, the FitzRoy home that my twin brother lives in, for some time now. I see first-hand how the money really helps them change lives.

I’m not a keen swimmer, or runner, and I don’t think an eating competition is what I need right now! So, for some bizarre reason I woke up on Monday morning and said to myself, I’m going to do a skydive. I can’t explain why as I don’t like being too high up, and the idea of jumping out of a plane scares me to death. What’s better (or worse) is that I’m doing it on our birthday.

The things FitzRoy staff do for my brother, and all his house mates at Silver Birches, on a day-to-day basis is truly incredible, and it is finally time to give something back. All donations made go straight to FitzRoy Silver Birches.