A long awaited reunion - FitzRoy

A long awaited reunion

Published: April 27, 2018

Sheena, who is supported by FitzRoy at Donec Mews registered care home in Grayshott, had not seen her brother in over 12 years since he had emigrated to Australia. However, recently the pair were reunited.

Deputy Manager, Debbie Petch, told us more.

Sheena and her brother Colin have a wonderful relationship despite living thousands of miles apart. They talk regularly on the phone and Colin always sends cards and presents.

The moment they clapped eyes on each other was so special. Sheena had the biggest beaming smile on her face all afternoon as they spent hours chatting away and reminiscing about old times. Colin said that it was as if they saw each other yesterday and that all those years hadn’t passed at all.

Colin wanted to make the most of his few weeks in the UK, so visited a couple of times while he was here. The morning of his second visit Sheena had a seizure which normally means she’s a little quiet and subdued for the rest of the day. However, when she saw her brother she perked right up and was on top form.

It is clear to see that they both adore each other and Sheena keeps happily mentioning that her brother Colin came to visit. It was just so lovely to see them both together after all that time apart.”

Families have always been at the very heart of FitzRoy and their involvement in the support we provide is invaluable. We always love hearing from the families of people we support, so if you would like to tell us your story email hannah.lattimer@fitzroy.org.