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A special visitor to Huws Nottinghamshire

Published: December 16, 2016

Huws in Nottinghamshire threw a Christmas party for the people they support, families, and loved ones. They even had a special guest! Sam Humphries, Deputy Manager, told us all about it.

There was plenty of food and drink for everyone to enjoy and we put on our own Christmas carol concert. The people we support, their families, and the staff team all brought their singing voices. We can’t have been that bad because we attracted someone special“ Santa Claus! Santa made his way to his very own grotto and had gifts for all the children at the party, which everyone loved.

The residents at Huws had a brilliant time. Rachel went to see Santa and had great fun trying to pull his beard off! Unfortunately no one was quick enough with the camera to capture the moment but it was hilarious and Rachel thought it was amazingly funny.

Mark had great fun showing off his Santa legs hat, giving a cheeky smile to everyone that walked by to make sure they noticed him.

Chrissie got into the Christmas spirit and enjoyed people-watching right an the centre of the party. Smiling at the guests coming and going, Chrissie made everyone feel welcome.

We’d like to thank the families of the people we support for coming to enjoy the day and thank the staff team for working so hard to make it a success in particular one of our support staff Tina who organised everything. Thank you also to our three volunteers Georgina, Kevin, and Pauline, who managed to convince Santa to pay us a visit.

We managed to raise over £150 thanks to everyone’s hard work. With only a few sleeps to go we are all definitely in the Christmas Spirit now!”